Cynthia Anderson  Tetraskata


Cynthia Anderson lives in the Mojave Desert near Joshua Tree National Park. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Askew, Dark Matter, Apercus Quarterly, Whale Road, Split Rock Review, and Origami Poems Project. She is the author of six collections—In the Mojave, Desert Dweller, Mythic Rockscapes/Barker Dam, Mythic Rockscapes/Hidden Valley, and Shared Visions I and II. She frequently collaborates with her husband, photographer Bill Dahl. Cynthia co-edited the anthology A Bird Black As the Sun: California Poets on Crows & Ravens.


Karen Ankers  Left Behind and Reasons For Silence


Karen lives in Anglesey, North Wales, where she gathers inspiration from the landscape and mythical history of the island. As well as poetry, she writes short plays, which have been performed in the UK, America and Australia. She is currently working on a novel.


Mary Buchinger  Elsewhere and Stories


Mary Buchinger is the author of Aerialist (Gold Wake, 2015, shortlisted for the May Swenson Poetry Award, the OSU Press/The Journal Wheeler Prize for Poetry and the Perugia Press Prize) and Roomful of Sparrows, (Finishing Line, 2008). Her poems have appeared in AGNI, DIAGRAM, Gargoyle, Nimrod, PANK, Salamander, Slice, The Cortland Review, The Massachusetts Review, and elsewhere; she was invited to read at the Library of Congress, received the Varoujan and Houghton Awards, multiple Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominations, and placed First for the 2016 Charter Oak Award for Best Historical poem. She is co-President of the New England Poetry Club and Professor of English and Communication Studies at MCPHS University in Boston, Massachusetts; her website is MaryBuchinger.


Jeff Connell  Jeff currently resides in Seattle.



Mardi de Veuve Alexis  Expressions of Change, Deportation, Street Art Madonna, and Eye to the Soul


Mardi de Veuve Alexis is from Indio, CA.


Kirstin Doggart   Mermaids


Kirstin Doggart is a writer and fiber artist from British Columbia, Canada. Her writing centers around complex human relationships brought out in everyday situations. She hides herself away in the quiet of the West Kootenays, still too loud for her liking, she takes inspiration from the mountains and the river out her back door. Kirstin enjoys letting the tranquil severity of nature into her home, then letting it out again through  pen and  spinning wheel.


Kirstin doggarts previous poetry credits include a poem published in the anthology book, Inside Passages by Polar Expressions Publishing. She also has three poems published in Spill Magazine. Her poem “Coming Home” was published in the literary issue of The Ubyssey as well. She also contributed regularly to Perspectives Magazine in 2010, with opinion articles like “BC Arts Funding Cuts” and “We’d Be Better Off Without Technology”. Both The Ubyssey and Perspectives are attached to the University of British Columbia, where Kirstin graduated with a BFA in Creative Writing.



Ellen Evans  After He Passed and Cracks


Ellen Evans has been writing poetry since the second grade, and then off and on through the ensuing 45 years. Since a breakdown 7 years ago, writing has become a focal point of her new life. It has given her the where-with-all to deal with a lifetime of abuse and mental illness that led to the breakdown.


Ellen lived in Israel as an Orthodox Jew, with her (ultimately) nine children for the twelve years prior to the first Gulf War. While there, two of her poems were translated into Hebrew and appeared embedded in a novel.


More recently, she has had six poems chosen for an anthology put out by a poetry blog site.


Sharon Goodier  Death


Sharon Goodier is a poet from Toronto, Canada. She has had poems published in Carte Blanche (Montreal), 11th Transmission (social realism – London, Ont), Dove Tales Nature Anthology (U.S.2015) and Adana, an anthology of women’s spirituality (U.S. 2015). She was long-listed for the Mary K. Ballard award (U.S.) in 2014. Legends Anthology published her short story “The Year of the Donkey” in 2016. In 2016 her poetry appeared in Koru and Quilliad. She is a co-founder of The Art Bar poetry series.


Jane Hertenstein   Rustic Pears


Jane Hertenstein is the author of numerous short stories and flash. Her work has been included in Hunger Mountain, Word Riot, Flashquake, and Rosebud as well as earning an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train. Her literary interests are eclectic, evident in the titles she has published: Beyond Paradise (YA), Orphan Girl (non-fiction), Home Is Where We Live (children’s picture book), and a recent ebook Freeze Frame: How to Write Flash Memoir. Jane lives in Chicago where she blogs at memoirouswrite.blogspot.


Eileen Hugo  Call Center Hell


Eileen Hugo is a poet, makes quilts, tends to the garden, and feeds her family her culinary delights. Eileen is retired and doing all the things that she loves.

The Austin International Poetry Festival was one of her favorite places to listen to and read poetry to an audience. Four of her poems have been chosen over the years for the Di-verse-city Anthology: 2001 Cowboy Bar, 2002 Paperman, 2004 The Offer, 2005 Transference and one poem Cowboy Bar was an honorable mention in the Christina Sergeyevna Award Selection. She also won a first prize for her poem The Competition in the David Osgood Poetry Contest.

Eileen has been published in various small press publications, in the anthologies Southern Breezes and The Baby Boomer Birthright published by Poet Works Press, and most recently The Taste Of Ink a collaboration of ten poets from Mid-Coast Maine. She has served time as the Poetry Editor for The Houston Literary Review.

In April of 2015 her book Not Too Far was published.


Shirley Jones-Luke   Bete Noire


Shirley Jones-Luke is a poet and writer from Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. Luke has an MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College. She was a 2016 Watering Hole Poetry Fellow. Her work has been featured in Fire Poetry, Poetry Breakfast, Mass Poetry and The Voices Project.


Brooks Lindberg   Jilt and Fool's Die


Brooks Lindberg is a poet and playwright currently living off coffee in Winthrop, Massachusetts. He was a 2015 scholarship recipient for the 'National Playwrights Symposium at Cape May' and a writer for the 'FUSION Theatre Project' for its 2015-16 season. His play 'Clumsy Feet and Fire' will be read later this year at 'The Second Act New Works Festival.' His other works include 'Out of Africa,' 'Cedric Brown,' and 'Pete Pan.' He graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts from Utah State University.


Joan MacIntosh   Curled Stream and Islands


Joan MacIntosh  lives in St. John's, NL, Canada, and writes poetry and prose.

Her work has been previously published in TickleAce, Leafpress, Understorey and others.


Carolyn Martin The Accident


Carolyn Martin is blissfully retired in Clackamas, Oregon, where she gardens, writes, and plays. Her poems and book reviews have appeared in journals throughout the US and UK, and her second collection, The Way a Woman Knows, was released in 2015 thewayawomanknows.

Since the only poem she wrote in high school was red-penciled "extremely maudlin," she is amazed she has continued to write.


Marsha Mittman   Scars


Marsha Warren Mittman has had numerous poems, essays, and short stories published in American and British journals, magazines, and anthologies. Most recent: "Novelty" (London) and a fourth "Chicken Soup for the Soul" selection. Her chapbook "Message from a Goldfish" was used in meditation programs in twelve states. "Patriarchal Chronicles" was accepted by Finishing Line Press; a book of humor is forthcoming from Scurfpea. She’s the recipient of eight poetry awards (mid-west, Atlanta) and three prose distinctions (US, Ireland).


Ravindra Nayak  Awake


Ravindra Kumar Nayak is presently living in Gandhinagar,India. She is a student and her  poems were published in her university magazine.Nature is Ravindras biggest source of inspiration which compels her to ink its beauty in letters. Ravindra loves to explore life via writing poems and seeing the nature of beauty in dream and reality and trying to interface within real and imaginary worlds.


Sergio Ortiz Abysses


Sergio A. Ortiz is a gay Puerto Rican poet and the founding editor of Undertow Tanka Review. He writes in English and Spanish. He is a two time Pushcart nominee, a four time Best of the Web nominee and a 2017 Bets of the Net nominee. His poems have appeared in The Acentos Review, Ink Sweat and Tears, and a great number of other literary journals.


Gregory Papadoyiannis   Ephemera, No One, and Eternal


Gregory Papadoyiannis was born in Greece and graduated from the Law and Journalism Schools. He has been awarded the National Prize for young playwrights at the Ministry of Culture Competition three times as well as prizes in short story competitions in Greece and abroad. Gregory has worked as a translator and editor of theatrical plays and literature for several theatres and publishing houses.

In 1988 his comic strip album «To the Almighty, hereunto», was published by Agricaltural Cooperative Press. He has also presented his work as a comic artist in Comic Festivals and Exhibitions in Greece, such as the 2nd Panhellenic Comic Exhibition (Thessaloniki, 1991)

He has also worked at radio and television shows, in newspapers and magazines as a sports editor, columnist, editor, and he has done so many different jobs in his life that whenever he starts counting them he gives up. Apart from writing in various forms and genres (theatre plays, novels, short stories), Gregory’s manifold interests include cinema and theatre direction, photography and visual arts.

He is a co-founder, administrator and writer for the books & cinema section of the website eyelands.gr and he is the curator for the only Greece-based international short story competition, run by eyelands.gr. He also co-ordinates and leads a series of workshops on creative and collaborative writing.

He currently works as a translator and editor for Strange Days Books Publishing


His novel “The baby Jazz” will be released in USA from Fomite books, in 2017.


Kevin Shannon  Bosque del Apache


Kevin is 58 and is a resident of Salt Lake City. He is working on both of these things.


David Subacchi  Fish Friday


David Subacchi lives in Wales where he was born of Italian roots. He studied at the University of Liverpool and he has 4 published collections of his English Language poetry First Cut (2012), Hiding in Shadows (2014), Not Really a Stranger (2016) and A Terrible Beauty (2016). His work has also appeared in numerous literary magazines and anthologies.


Luke Swenson  A Six Pack Of Cutthroat


Luke Swenson is a collaborator. He is the co-founder and librettist for the Deseret Experimental Opera Company, whose latest work, Red Lake, premiered at the 2016 Salt Lake Fringe Festival. Swenson co-published a chapbook, Proportion and Ornament, alongside visual artist Jessica Li that placed cut-up poems and collages side by side. His work as a performance poet in the groups Dilettantes and Intense Triangles has been featured at Red Butte Garden’s Garden After Dark, Avant GaRawge and 12 Minutes Max. His poems have been published in the journals Inscape and Likewise Folio. He currently lives in Salt Lake City and loves reading, writing, and working for the Salt Lake Public Library.


Vakseen Today's the Day I Realized and Luci xv

Otha Davis III, otherwise known as Vakseen is an LA-based artist who paints vibrant, abstract portraits that appear to be collage.


Lynne Viti   Deep Midwinter After-Party


Lynne Viti teaches at Wellesley College. Her poetry chapbook, Baltimore Girls, (Finishing Line) was published in March 2017. Her poetry and fiction has appeared in over forty online and print journals,  most recently in Maryland Writers' Association's Pen-in-Hand, Light: A Journal of Photography & Poetry,  South Florida Poetry Journal, Little Patuxent Review, Mountain Gazette, Amuse-Bouche, Paterson Review, and Right Hand Pointing. She blogs at stillinschool.wordpress.